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Video player

Your portal to your audience

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With more content available to capture your users' attention, delivering live-streams is more than merely displaying a video. The MCLS video player is optimised to take advantage of our annotation and event services and enhance your audience's experience.

Whether displaying real-time sports scores, indicating important moments during a stream using timeline markers, or enabling geo-blocking on your content, our embeddable and unbranded video player is ready to deliver.

Key features

Supported on all devices

Our player is optimised to work on all modern desktop and mobile platforms, and supported mobile browsers.


Create an event, embed the player on your site, and start your live stream. It’s that easy to deliver video content to your audience on your platform.

Pre-event cards

Manage when video content is available to watch, even if the player is already embedded online. You have full control of live and VOD content.

Integrate with annotations

Display in-player overlays in real-time. You control where on the player, when during the stream, and the duration of your overlays.


Control who has access to your live stream by defining geo-blocked countries per live stream.


The MCLS player has a modern look to compliment your content and does not include any 3rd party branding.


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