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Live Streaming

Engaging experiences at scale

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At the core of MyCujoo Live Services is a highly scalable and reliable streaming solution with extensive customisation tools that enables you to create engaging video experiences your audience.

This streaming platform allows for the processing of incoming live video content through RTMP (or uploads) and the streaming to a video player on the internet using the most used video streaming standard today, HLS.

Key features

Live stream and VOD

Display your stream live, through our video player, and as VOD once the stream has ended.

Restream / Pull & Push

Access your live stream in real time, independently of the video player with a transcoded and raw RTMP endpoint.

Custom stream configs

Create unlimited configurations to define your stream preferences, including FPS, KFI, segment size, bitrate, security (DRM, VPN Blocking and more) and DVR options.


Automatically generate a download of your live stream when it ends.

Incoming stream data

Monitor streams in real-time using video/audio bitrate, resolution, connection count, FPS and KFI incoming stream data.

Video consumption data

Analyse usage with live concurrent plays, total unique users watching live, and total unique users watching VOD.


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