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Broadcast app

Live streaming from your pocket

Live streaming from your pocket

The MCLS Broadcast app for Android allows you to stream live events straight from your mobile device. With today's high-resolution cameras in smartphones, combined with the increasing mobile data coverage across the globe, you can capture and share your content almost anywhere, at an affordable cost.

Our mobile broadcast app is free to use for all MCLS customers. Simply sign in, and have access to all your matches created in the web console.

Download MCLS Broadcast app from Google Play

Key features

Easy to live stream anywhere

A broadcast studio in your pocket. Start live streaming anywhere you and your smartphone are.

Access to events on account

No need to copy long and tedious stream keys and URLs. Once you log in, you will see all your events in the app.

Unpublish right from the app

Start, pause and end your live streams from the mobile app.

Audio controls

Too much noise around the camera when recording? Disable audio to ensure your audience get the best experience.

Device readyness indicators

Receive warnings before and during a live stream when your battery is low.

Android devices supported

The app is supported on all popular Android devices. All you need is a strong mobile signal to send data.


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