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Annotation service

Capture the moments that matter

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Similar to real life, everything in MCLS happens on a timeline. And as per real life, these moments can be called something. In MCLS, they’re annotations.

Annotations can be anything that happens at a specific time, for example, a goal during a football match, a break during a keynote event, or even the start of a new chapter in an audiobook. In its simplest form, an annotation contains two pieces of information, a title and a time at which the annotation occurred.

With the MCLS Video Player, those annotations can be displayed on the video timeline, enabling your audience to immediately view the biggest and best parts of your live stream.

Key features

Flexible / Custom annotations

Create unlimited annotations, in the format that best fulfils your requirements.


Specify the actions that occur when an annotation is created based on your own requirements.

Live or VOD

Annotate your streams in real-time and deliver engaging live-experiences, craft annotations carefully once an event has ended, or annotate uploaded video.

Integrate with events

Display custom data from events to deliver relevant real-time information to your users using annotations.

API for custom integration

Integrate annotations into your existing workflow using our APIs.

Growing library

Our ever growing library of actions ensure your streaming experiences are always ahead of your competition.


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