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Event services

Powerful event data manager

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Create and manage all your events in one place. Our event service structures all your event metadata in the industry-leading schema, and combined with our event-types service, you have the flexibility you need to supplement your events with any data required.

Whether you need team- or player-information associated with your sports events, display reference material on your educational videos, or display merchandise prices on your festival live streams, our event types have you covered.

Once you've created your events, display the video player on your site using our embeddable video players and SDKs, or use our RTMP endpoints to access the video streams outside of the MCLS players.

Key features

Scheduled events

Manage all your upcoming, past and live events from the console.


Set up rules per event for countries that are allowed to view your content, or exclude specific countries if needed.

Event metadata

Everything from location, organiser, start times and descriptions are captured, our events are optimised for SEO based on Google Event Schema.

Custom event types

Unlimited event types, each defining a custom data structure for events.

Integrate with streams

Combine your event data with our streaming services to live stream your events through our video player.

Integrate with annotations

Display any of your event metadata, or event type specific data in your live streams using annotations.


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