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The core of MyCujoo Live Services is a highly scalable and reliable streaming solution that also powers the video experience on

This streaming platform allows for the processing of incoming live video content through RTMP (or uploads) and the streaming to a video player on the internet using the most used video streaming standard today, HLS.

In most cases Streams are usually created attached to an Event. In combination, and with the other companion tools, they provide a way to effortlessly deliver an unrivalled live video experience to your users through the MCLS players.

Stream are highly configurable depending on your specific needs and contain all the technical details needed to setup up your stream your event, for example, your stream key, endpoint, and embed codes. Through the MCLS console you are able to setup and manage and monitor the performance of your streams.

How to use it

To create a new stand-alone stream without an event, go to the Streams page and click on the "Create" button.

Note: If you want to take advantage of event-specific metadata, or dynamic content in your overlays, start by creating an event instead, or attach your stream to an event once its created.

Next, complete the required form fields to create your stream.

In addition to displaying your stream using the MLS embed player, you can also push your stream to external services, such as YouTube or a custom service of your choice.

Note: type: entry-hyperlink id: c7Lm4Z2cUsCuK1kI4lBDz2z that use visual actions, for example, scoreboards or overlays will only be visible for viewers using the MLS embed player.

Go to the type: entry-hyperlink id: qyRTnF9hw6SIDkr2wOhpF page for your newly created stream to find your stream key and stream endpoint to start sending us your signal.