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Monitor Events

If you are using MyCujoo Live Services to stream live events, you need a place to monitor events in a reactive way. You want to be able to see if there is any potential issue with a stream, if applicable, and try to resolve issues that might arise. 

Using event monitoring to add efficiency

Once you access the page, you will be able to see all upcoming events whether their status is scheduled or rescheduled. 

You can always search for other events with different dates using the date filter. 

You can easily monitor event streaming details such as: 

  • Stream Started/Not Started 

  • Once the stream is published, then the ✓ will be green if transcoding is working, and it will change to red if transcoding stops

  • Whenever there is a signal, then the ✓ will be green indicating that the signal is available and stable; however, when signal drops, it will change to red 

  • Stream resolution 

  • Stream bitrate

  • Stream frame per second (FPS) as well as key frame interval (KFI) 

  • Connections available per event 

Please keep in mind that there should always be a stream assigned to an event for it to be available on the monitor event page. 

Let’s not forget that you can seamlessly edit and view an event as well as edit a stream and view a stream in stream manager.