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Key concepts on this page: Events and Streams

At the core of MyCujoo Live Services is a highly scalable and reliable streaming solution with extensive customisation tools that enables you to create the most powerful, authentic, and engaging live video experiences for your audience.

This streaming platform allows for the processing of incoming live video content through RTMP (or uploads) and the streaming to a video player on the internet via the most widely used video streaming standard, HLS.

Using events to add value

Events take all the technical features of streaming and combine it with event-related information, for example:

  • Event title

  • Location (City and venue name)

  • Event organiser

  • Date & start time

  • Description

  • Poster and thumbnail

Event poster The event poster is displayed in the embed player before the stream and is replaced with the live stream when a user presses play button.

For the best result, we recommend using a poster with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Note, the posters are not optimised for size or quality by MuCujoo Live Services and are displayed in the format and size provided.

Once embedded, please preview your poster on desktop and mobile devices to ensure the desired result is achieved.

Event thumbnail The event thumbnail URL is an image resource that can be accessed via the MyCujoo Live Services API, This image is not used in the embedded video experience, instead, it is meant for developer integration.

Note, thumbnails are not optimised for size or quality by Mycujoo Live Services and are displayed through the API in the format and size provided.

In addition to this basic information, you can configure events to include additional, richer data. In sports events, for example, this might include:

  • Team name

  • Player names

Once you've created your events, display the video player on your site using our embed codes and SDKs, or use our RTMP endpoints to access the video streams outside of the MCLS players.

Visit the Stream Manager page to learn about managing your streams, or follow our quick-start guide on creating your first event and streaming it live.

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