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This page contains a list of the most common terms used on our platform. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, visit the search page, or contact us directly for assistance.



For most users of MyCujoo Live Services you will usually need to create an event in order to broadcast your stream to your audience, using the MCLS provided web and SDK video players. Events contain all the information related to a specific event you want to stream, for example, the event name, location, date and time.

Events, like most functionality in MCLS are best used together with other MCLS features to bring the best possible experience to end users but can also be used independently. Among the things that Events enable when attached to a stream:

  • Broadcasting a livestream or uploaded video via the MLS provided players

  • Together with the annotations feature, the displaying of overlays on the video.

  • Attaching additional event specific meta data to a stream

If you require additional information for an event, head over to the “Event types” section to add more information around your event. Information you add to your events can also be used in annotations.

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Event types

Event types allow you to define additional fields that can be filled in when creating events. For example, team logos for sports events or artist names for music festivals. The anatomy of an event type is simple. Groups and fields. A group is exactly that. It’s a group containing fields. A field is a piece of information you want to save in your event. Each field have a type, name, placeholder and a default value. You can also specify whether a field must be filled in when creating events. How are event types used? Create an event and select the desired event type to expose the additional fields to be captured.

Embed code

You have multiple options to share your streams using the MLS platform. One of them is using our embed codes. An embed code is a piece of code that you can copy in the stream manager, and paste on your platform to display the video player.