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This page contains a list of the most common terms used on our platform. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, visit the search page, or contact us directly for assistance.


Annotation Manager

The annotation managers' sole purpose is to allow you to tag moments-in-time on your streams, whether they are live streams or old video content you want to tag. For example, the annotation manager will be used to tag a goal in a football match, or display a sponsor logo during a conference, or simply add a text note at a specific timestamp. In MLS, the concept of tagging a stream is called an "annotation".


An annotation is a concept of tagging a single moment in time on a stream. For example, when a player scores a goal during a football match or the moment when a new speaker enters the stage during a keynote event.

Use the annotations section in the console to configure these annotations and tell MLS to perform specific actions each time an annotation is triggered.

For example, when a goal is scored during a football match, display the name of the player who scored the goal on top of the video player, increase the score on the scoreboard, and share a message on your social media platforms to entice your users to watch the match; all automated in real-time by an annotation.

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Actions are part of the annotations feature in MLS. If you are new to MLS, head over to annotations and familiarise yourself before continuing with actions. Actions are highly configurable tasks that trigger whenever you use a specific annotation. Chances are if you want something to happen during a live stream, it will be an action. For example, when a goal is scored during a football match, the following actions might be used: Action 1: Update the scoreboard Action 2: Display an overlay on top of the video, containing the name of the player who scored the goal. Action 3: Share a message to your social media accounts: "Goal for Austin FC in 17th minute by Peter Smith. Watch now"

Annotation sets

An annotation set is a collection of similar or relevant annotations, and are meant to organise your annotations and make it easier for your operators to use when tagging streams in the annotation manager. You can manage these sets yourself and set them up in an optimal way for your specific use case. For example, a "Football match set" could include goal, penalty and yellow card annotations, in contrast, a "Golf event set" could consist of annotations such as Par, Birdie and Bogey.