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Create your first live stream

Key concepts on this page: Events and Stream Manager

Requirements for this guide:

  • An active MCLS account

  • Computer with a webcam

  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Installed and open on your computer

  • Access to your website where you can paste and view your JavaScript embed code. If you do not have access to a test page, you can temporarily use to view your stream. To use CodePen, paste the embed code into the HTML block and wait for the preview to render

Create your event

  1. Log in to the console with your account.

  2. Go to the Events section.

  3. Click on "Create event".

  4. Fill in the required form fields.

  5. Ensure the "Create a stream for this event" toggle is ON, and select "Live stream" as the stream type. Use the default stream configuration that came with your account.

  6. Click "Create event".

Embed your event on a test page

  1. Click on the "View event" button of your newly created event.

  2. Copy the "JavaScript Embed Code" and paste it into your website test page. When previewing your test page you will now see a video placeholder with your event title and date.

Now that you've created your event, and embedded the player onto the page where you will watch the live stream, your next step is to start your live stream.

Setting up your live stream

To start a live stream, you need to send a video signal to MCLS. For demo purposes, we will use your webcam.

  1. Open up OBS, click on "Settings" and open the "Stream" tab. Ensure that "Custom" is selected in the Service option.

  2. In the MCLS console, go to the event detail page for the event you created. (Events -> View event)

  3. Copy and paste the Stream key and Endpoint from the MCLS console into the OBS fields. The field in OBS for the Endpoint might be called "Server". Click the OK button in OBS.

Start streaming your live event

  1. Click on the "Manage Stream" button on the event detail page in the MCLS console. Because you have not started sending the signal from OBS yet, you will see a loading indicator.

  2. At this point, MCLS is actively checking for the incoming signal. Go to OBS and press the "Start Streaming" button. After a couple of seconds, your video will appear in the stream manager.

  3. Right now, only you can see the live stream, so click on "Start Broadcast" and visit your test page to see your live stream the same way your viewers will.

End your stream

  1. Press the "Stop Broadcast" button.

  2. Select "I want to end the stream permanently", and press the "End stream permanently" button.

  3. Remember also to end the incoming signal. Open up OBS and press "Stop Streaming".

Well done on completing your first live stream.

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