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Create and configure custom annotations

All individual annotations in MCLS belong to a specific set. These annotation sets can be set up in any configuration you require.

The annotations section in the console will list all your existing annotation sets, including an overview of the individual annotations in each set.

To create a new set, go to annotations in the console and click "Create annotation set."

Give your set a title, and click "Create annotation type" to get started with your annotation.

Give your annotation a descriptive title that will make it easy to distinguish from other annotations when tagging your live streams.

Time to add your first action. Actions are small tasks that when combined, provides the functionality for each annotation. The simplest way to familiarise yourself with actions is to click on "Add action" and browse through the available options. If you are new to MCLS, try one of the visual actions, like an overlay.

Next, you need to configure the actions' behaviour. The configuration can include but is not limited to content, style and technical settings.

Be sure to read the description of the action as it can contain valuable information and tips on how to set up the action.

Now that you've created your first annotation, you can create an event, stream it, and visit the "Annotation Manager" to test your newly created annotations. Note, to simulate the experience your users will have when streaming, you can place your embed code on a test page to see both your stream and the result of the annotations.