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Configuring the embeds

You can further configure the embed by passing parameters to the javascript embed. There are the following options available:

  • autoplay - true/false (boolean)

  • defaultVolume - 0-1 (0 for mute, 1 for 100%)

  • eventId - string

  • publicKey - string

  • adUnit - string

  • adCustParams - string (url encoded values or valid json)

  • showBackForwardButtons - true/false (boolean)

  • showEventInfoButton - true/false (boolean)

  • showLiveViewers - true/false (boolean)

  • showSeekbar - true/false (boolean)

  • showFullscreen - true/false (boolean)

  • showQualitySelector - true/false (boolean)

  • showVolume - true/false (boolean)

  • showTimers - true/false (boolean)

  • showChromecast - true/false (boolean)

  • showPictureInPicture - true/false (boolean)

These options can either be configured through query parameters when using the legacy iframe integration method or as data arguments when using the javascript embed. When using the javascript embed the options need to be formatted in all lowercase with dashes separating them and prepended with data-. This means that defaultVolume becomes data-default-volume, showLiveViewers becomes data-show-live-viewers etc. For example: <script async src=""></script> <div data-embed-id="some_id" data-public-key="some_key" data-default-volume="1" data-show-fullscreen="false" data-show-timers="true" style="width: 560px; min-height: 315px; background: #000;"></div>

This allows you to further customise the look and feel of the embeds.