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Streaming solutions for engaging video experiences

MyCujoo Live Services offers event, streaming, annotation and video-player services required to create class-leading live streaming and video-on-demand experiences.

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Streaming Platform

The core of MyCujoo Live Services is a highly scalable and reliable streaming solution which also powers the video experience on MyCujoo.TV, a service trusted by thousands of partners and millions of users worldwide.

This streaming platform allows for the processing of incoming live video content through RTMP or uploads and the streaming to a video player using HLS, the most widely used video streaming standard today.

Combining the MCLS streaming platform with the collection of tools available creates an unrivalled live experience for you and your audience.

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Restream your content live to YouTube, Twitch or any other partner by forwarding your raw live stream.

If partners prefer to pull your RTMP stream instead, we have you covered. Simply create a unique RTMP pull endpoint for each stream.

With our sophisticated suite of tools, you can create fully configurable RTMP push and pull endpoints for your streams, including specifying resolution, quality and bitrate on a per-destination level.

Restreaming imageTip: Download highlight clips during live streams and share them on social media.

Annotation Service

Create powerful metadata on your live or on-demand video at specific points in time with our simple to use Annotations. Whether that's goals in a match, a band launching into a killer track, or the start of your conference, you can easily capture the moments that matter.

With the MCLS Video Player, those annotations can be displayed on the video timeline, enabling your audience to immediately view the biggest and best parts of your live stream.

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Video Player

Our video player is optimised for MCLS, meaning any Annotations created and any overlays with video metadata content can be displayed, enhancing your audience’s experience.

This video player is also designed to ensure the best integrations with pre- and midroll advertising and programmatic advertising overlays, providing you with content monetisation opportunities.

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MCLS Developers

All MCLS products and services come with a full API, that can be used together with or in place of the MCLS dashboard.

Separate to the interface to our services, we've also created a content API, from which metadata from your video content can be retrieved. Whether it's the title for your festival feed or the lineup of the teams playing in your video, it’s all available through this API.

As not everyone has access to an RTMP streaming implementation, we also made a library available that can be used by Android and iOS developers to create an RTMP live video stream to MLS.

We realise how important it is to provide guidance around all the tools, APIs and implementations; we'll provide multiple ways for developers to learn, read and understand how our products and services can be used and integrated.

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Seamlessly create engaging experiences for your customers without all the complexities around streaming.

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“The ease of how these services work together are not found anywhere else and will help companies set up their live streaming experiences to their customers fast and painlessly.”

Patrick Plaatje

Director of Technology at MyCujoo